Introducing #meetsynbio

As it is important for the future of our discipline to better engage with the public about why we are interested in pursuing synthetic biology and who are the people behind the science, we have created the #meetsynbio project together with our partner SynBERC. 

The #meetsynbio project aims to put the real synthetic biologists in touch with the real people in our society whom we endeavor to benefit. This will give scientists and the broader public an opportunity to share their motivations and concerns about how we can together shape the responsible advancement of #synbio to solve important problems in the world.

Watch the video and check out the project website where you can find sample tweets and directions on how anyone (both scientists and the public) can participate, an article by Maxx Chatsko on the motivation of the project, events where one can #meetsynbio in-person, and all the other #meetsynbio partners. 

Please share the website and tweet your own #meetsynbio ! We look forward to your participation and effectively engaging the public in a conversation about #synbio !

-your EUSynBioS Steering Committee