Welcome to EUSynBioS Pulse!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of EUSynBioS Pulse!  Since EUSynBioS was founded a few months ago in an effort to foster interaction, collaboration, and professional development of Europe-based students and postdoctoral researchers active in the field of synthetic biology, we have grown to over 170 members from 15 European countries. We have also assembled a Steering Committee of five representatives of our community, and won the support of no less than 20 accomplished synthetic biology advisors to serve as our academic sponsors.

As a Member of our Community, you will regularly receive this newsletter encompassing

EUSYNBIOS NEWS about our community’s progress and opportunities arising from collaboration with our partners

FEATURED CONTENT including interviews, research, or policy highlights


THE UPDATE giving a short overview of upcoming events, new articles, and current job openings relevant to the Europe-based synthetic biologist

EUSynBioS Pulse is for you, and we, the Steering Committee, will do our best to identify and share content which you will find useful. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or even own contributions, please feel free to get in touch with us via sc.eusynbios@gmail.com.

We have a lot planned for this first year, and are happy to have you all on board.


All the best,

your EUSynBioS Steering Committee