Announcing the EUSynBioS Symposium 2016 (April 9-10th 2016, London, UK)

Design: Devang Mehta

Design: Devang Mehta

It is our pleasure to announce the first

EUSynBioS Symposium: Engineering Biology for a Better Future

which will be hosted by our partner SynbiCITE immediately after SynBioBeta London 2016, April 9-10th 2016 in London, UK!

We are witnessing an exciting time in the history of synthetic biology—while SynBERC 1.0 is approaching retirement, it has inspired the emergence of an impressive number of young synthetic biology initiatives and communities around the globe. By what principles, standards, and interactions can they best realise their potential in making the world a better place?

It is to address this question that we seek to bring together an enthusiastic international group of young synthetic biologists (embracing undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdocs) for 1.5 days packed with stimulating talks, unconference-like workshops, group discussions, bioindustry interaction, speed networking, and biohacking. Our overall goal is nothing less than to articulate a vision for the young synthetic biology community.

Are you into open, funky, and slightly unconventional synbio events? Then there is no better time than now for taking a big fluorescent marker and putting April 9-10th 2016 in your diaries! We will be regularly posting updates on the Symposium both on the Forum as well as our Twitter feed, so watch this space for speaker announcements and early-bird registration.

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